A collection of 401s

The area code for the entire state of Rhode Island is 401, so naturally it’s a favorite number for many that live in the state.


Inktober is here!

Fall is the best time of year, the weather is cooler, the colors are warm and vibrant, and inktober floods social media.   

I thought about the kinds of things I wanted to post this year. Most of my work uses a lot of ink, so i was thinking I’d show progress shots of new paintings in the works? Nah, thats already the type of thing I post, and I wanted to do something a bit different than usual. How about something more illustrative?  Yea… that’s the ticket. Although I’ve been focusing primarily on painting, I’ve been doing a lot of illustrations for Conjur, and while they’ve been different from my typical style of drawing, they’ve been a ton of fun and have got me wanting to do alot more of it. Anyway… here’s 1/31 :)


Sketch for Camp Bad tee

Work In progress for a new shirt. I go to an annual camping trip, and often make shirts for the extravaganza. This will be our 18th year. 🍻🏕

t-shirt sketch

t-shirt sketch