Hello! I’m Ty Paulhus

I’m a painter, illustrator, and designer, . My work moves back & forth between these directing and influencing eachother. I adopted the name sintaxera long ago from my days spent writing graffiti (although this was not my tag in the streets.) A “syntax error” is an error in code syntax that is written in a programming language. The idea of being broken or a glitch resonated with me, and I’ve embraced this pseudonym (spelled w/ a RI accent, of course) as an important part of myself and my work.

Over the years, I’ve developed a visual language of mark making, writing, and imagery that is constantly evolving. I work intuitively, never truly knowing what a piece will look like until the end, even knowing when it’s “finished” is an open question. I think of my work as a personal journal, reacting to my thoughts, environment, and state of being. I build up layer upon layer, leaving plenty of room for happy accidents, allowing it all to evolve into something that resonates with me. I like to explore the ideas of communication, how and what we choose to say, what we edit, what we self-censor, hide and encrypt. Speaking without being understood, intentionally or not, allowing the viewer to explore find their own truths in the marks.